Silat Martial Arts School of Virginia is an institution dedicated to martial arts through the structure and heritage of Penack Silat, an dynamic art from South-East Asia. We offer mulitple curriculums where students can learn the art of Pencak Silat as well as MMA, etc. In additonal to the traditional aspects of Pencak Silat aspects that includes culture, self-defense, weapons, inner power, and the artistic aspect, we also have a strong foundation in modern Silat (sport Silat (Ohlaraga), Silat MMA, etc. We are an affiliation of USA Pencak Silat Federation.


The Al-Azhar Silat martial arts program has been in existence for close to 40 years and has held classes in the VA area for over 10 years. Al-Azhar Silat is committed to quality instruction in the martial arts and many of its students have received first place in local and national tournaments. In addition to this, our students have excelled not only physically and athletically , but have also achieved highest honors in their academic endeavors. Our students have been accepted to top universities and continue to excel in many areas.


Kak Abdul-Malik Ahmad (the head instructor from the Sterling branch) and Kak Terra Kurnia (the head instructor from the Asburn branch above C3 Cyberclub) are world title holders in forms, weapons, sparring and breaking according to their specialty. We also have Kak Wona Sumantri, Kak Richard Subaran and Kak Rendy Sumantri who head up the Bethesda branch in DC. Although our roots are in Al-Azhar Pencak Silat, instructors have studied multiple styles of Silat and have also augmented their knowledge with other style of martial arts.



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The USA Pencak Silat Federation (USF) is a non-profit Pencak Silat association in the USA to represent Silat from the Nusantara community that includes, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darusalam, and Singapore. USA Pencak Silat Federation is organized for exclusively charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of
Gender-specific MMA classes ages 15 and up Our MMA program allows students to learn Mixed Martial Arts (striking, grappling, etc) as well as techniques used in Silat competition. Instructor Kak Abdul-Malik Ahmad has competed in MMA, open, grappling and Silat tournaments against opponents of various martial arts styles (Muay Thai, grappling, Judo, kickboxing, etc) for
We are now offering classes for young kids ages 3-5 years old. This class will focus on basic martial arts techniques such as kicking and punching soft targets. We also place a high importance on discipline (lining up and listening to instructions). This class is an active class that involves exciting activities and physical exercise. 
The Satria Muda program is a martial arts curriculum for kids between 6 and 11 to get students physical fit and capable to execute basic martial arts and Silat techniques. The currclulim also focuses on Self-Development (attitude, character, discipline, moral values), Physical Fitness and basic techniques including stances,blocks, kicks, punches, langkahs Students are given striped
Learn the amazing art of Pencak Silat, the fighting arts of Indonesia. Learn to defend yourself and get in great shape. Our women-only Silat class is taught by Kak Poppy Budhiastuti, a red belt ijn Silat (equivalent to a second degree black belt) and a founding member of the USA Pencak Silat Federation. Kak Poppy