Head Instructor: Terra Kurnia, BA, MBA

Address: 44710 Cape Ct #118, Ashburn, VA 20147

Kak Terra Kurnia has been practicing silat since he was 10 years old. He currently is the first full-time instructor focused on developing the youth program. He has taught hundreds of youth and has helped establish the Virginia school. Kak Terra specializes in the Bunga or artistic aspects of Silat and has won many first place trophies in forms division as well as World Champion in breaking. His remarkable flexibility and agility has encouraged many students to also excel in these areas, which is especially important in the art of Pencak Silat. He has a good relationship with many of the local karate tournament promoters. His cheerful and soft personality makes him a favorite for many of the children studying Silat. Kak Terra dedication to Pencak Silat is remarkable as he dedicated his entire time to development and promotion of Pencak Silat in the USA.

To contact Kak Terra:
Cell: 703-937-7132




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The USA Pencak Silat Federation (USF) is a non-profit Pencak Silat association in the USA to represent Silat from the Nusantara community that includes, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darusalam, and Singapore. USA Pencak Silat Federation is organized for exclusively charitable, educational and scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of
Silat is growing! There are now three branches in Washington DC area. Our flagship branch in Bethesda, Maryland is headed by Silat masters Kak Wona Sumantri and Kak Richard Subaran. We have our original Asburn location headed by Kak Terra Kurnia and our newest branch in Sterling, Virginia at the Nur Center Loudoun is headed
Gender-specific MMA classes ages 15 and up Our MMA program allows students to learn Mixed Martial Arts (striking, grappling, etc) as well as techniques used in Silat competition. Instructor Kak Abdul-Malik Ahmad has competed in MMA, open, grappling and Silat tournaments against opponents of various martial arts styles (Muay Thai, grappling, Judo, kickboxing, etc) for
We are now offering classes for young kids ages 3-5 years old. This class will focus on basic martial arts techniques such as kicking and punching soft targets. We also place a high importance on discipline (lining up and listening to instructions). This class is an active class that involves exciting activities and physical exercise. 
The Satria Muda program is a martial arts curriculum for kids between 6 and 11 to get students physical fit and capable to execute basic martial arts and Silat techniques. The currclulim also focuses on Self-Development (attitude, character, discipline, moral values), Physical Fitness and basic techniques including stances,blocks, kicks, punches, langkahs Students are given striped