Elite Pencak Silat Curriculum for Ages 12-24

The Al-Azhar martial arts school is committed to excellence in teaching and the highest quality instruction in martial arts and fitness. The Al-Azhar school has been in existence for close to 40 years and has held classes in the VA area for over 10 years. The instructors Kak Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Kak Terra Kurnia and are world title holders in forms, weapons, sparring and breaking. Although there are over 100 students in the school, Al-Azhar silat is committed to quality instruction in the martial arts and many of its students have received first place in local and national tournaments.

Al-Azhar Silat’s methodology is to have youth develop a superior level of spiritual, physical and mental fitness. Students are motivated to learn in a positive and safe atmosphere of encouragement and fun. Discipline is taught through in a firm but loving manner. Students who participate in the program have increased also self-confidence, focus, discipline and physical fitness. Students are rewarded for mastering Silat techniques as well as accomplishments in school, etc.

Instructors of the Al-Azhar Silat discuss and plan the development of each student. This individual attention helps each student develop to the maximum of their ability. Examinations and competitions are held regularly so that each student can have the opportunity to challenge themselves and to help progress to the next level in their training.