The Satria Muda program is a martial arts curriculum for kids between 6 and 11 to get students physical fit and capable to execute basic martial arts and Silat techniques. The currclulim also focuses on Self-Development (attitude, character, discipline, moral values), Physical Fitness and basic techniques including stances,blocks, kicks, punches, langkahs

Students are given striped belts for each rank. (white through brown-stripe). During the program, young students are sometimes assigned to older students who help them with their martial arts techniques and act as positive role models. The Satria Muda Program advances at a fast pace with a test every two months. After 6 months, students can advance to the next belt level by taking a two hour test. Students finish the program in 3 years with a solid understanding of the basics of martial arts and then can be admitted into the more intense and rigorous Al-Azhar Pencak Silat program. Students who show exceptional talent can be admitted into the Al-Azhar Silat program before they finish the Satria Muda program.