Silat is a martial art of Indonesia and South East Asian Countries. Silat including self-defense and fitness aspects as well as spiritual, and artistic elements. Develop your flexibility and through the “Bunga” aspect of Silat. which includes flexibly, breath control, focus, and the adoption of unique bodily postures for health and relaxation. Silat movements are designed to relieve pressure on specific systems of the body, thereby increasing its efficiency and total health. Traditionally the art is performed almost as a dance with “Gendang” instrumentation – particularly in the Sundanese styles of Silat.

This course is taught by forms champion Terra Kurnia. He has been training in Al-Azhar Silat martial arts since he was a child. His flexibly and artistic ability is unrivaled in the martial arts community. The combination of his mastery of multiple Silat forms, his incredible flexibility (despite being in his 40’s) and his strong spiritual nature provide for an amazing course that you don’t to miss!