Learn the amazing art of Pencak Silat, the fighting arts of Indonesia. Learn to defend yourself and get in great shape. Our women-only Silat class is taught by Kak Poppy Budhiastuti, a red belt ijn Silat (equivalent to a second degree black belt) and a founding member of the USA Pencak Silat Federation. Kak Poppy has practiced Silat for over 3 decades and has taught and tested many students including several current Silat instructors.

Assisting Kak Poppy, there are two brown belt Silat instructors, Kak Sakina Ahmad and Kak Afrah Nirar and a Self-Defense guru, Kak Uzma Rasheed. Kak Sakina is the daughter of Senior Instructor Kak Abdul-Malik Ahmad. She has studied Silat for close to 10 years. Her specialty is sparring and has won first place in numerous tournaments in fighting/sparring. Kak Afrah Nirar has been studying Silat for close to a decade also. Her specially is forms and has won first place in forms in many open tournaments. Kak Uzma Rasheed is new to Silat, but has a strong background in Karate, Brazillian Jujitsu and self-defense. She has studied Karate for over 10 years.

If you are interested in this seminar, please contact us below. We require at least 5 registered participants before we start this program.